Will Pressure Washing Remove Paint?


The question of whether pressure washing removes paint is a very good one. You do not want to try and better your home or car but in the process, destroy all layers of paint and coating. That would be horrid. On the same note, you would want to remove paint from the concrete that had gotten spilled.

Let me walk you through this process of what happens, and we will both have an answer to the pending question above.

Should I Pressure Wash My Car?

Only if you know how to do it right. There is a right way and a wrong way. You can only imagine what would happen if you took the wrong way. According to The Car Cleaning Guru, they say you definitely should not pressure wash your car due to the force that weakens the paint or pushes dirt into the car causing scratches.

However, Your Mechanic mentions that there is an appropriate Psi level and when your pressure washer is set to it, it does not damage your car and it is intended for the purpose of such tasks.

Today’s Home Owner has a website with an instructional video that takes you step by step through the process of washing your car with a pressure washer. It tells you the benefits of why to use a pressure washer and how it should be used so that it won’t cause damage. You can check that out here at So, with that, find the right PSI and wash away. It will not hurt anything if you are not overpowering it. The references up above give great insight on if this is something you want to do. It is a great and easy way to wash that will not cause damage if it is done in the proper setting.

Will Pressure Washing My Home Wash Away the Paint?

This depends on if you want the pressure washer to wash the paint away or not. If you are painting your house and want to remove flaking paint and the sorts, then pressure washing is a good idea. If you are wanting to keep the paint on your home, then you probably should not wash with a pressure washer. ASAP Pressure Cleaning and Softwash Services (A Gold Coast pressure cleaning expert), says that you should never pressure wash your home if it has painted siding.

The cons far outweigh the pros. You cause way more damage than good. It could leave your home ruined and cause wood rot and everything you could imagine with water damage. That is not the intended case I am sure. The best thing to do is go for the old-fashioned water house and bucket with regular soap. You can’t go wrong there! Now if your intention is to remove old paint then, by all means, the pressure washer is the best way to go because you are removing that layer and allowing the wood to dry completely before reapplying any new coating of paint.

Bob Vila had an amazing video that shows just how to remove old paint from your home. He shows step by step of how it is done including if there is lead in the paint. You can find that video here.

How Can I Remove Unwanted Paint from Surfaces?

Removing paint from different surfaces can be difficult and the best option is to use a pressure washer if you have access. It is difficult in other ways. Achievable but difficult. I think that concrete holds paint so well that it makes it the most difficult to remove.

Don’t fret where there is a will there’s a way! WikiHow tells just how you can blast paint off concrete with a pressure washer. It seems simple enough with the pressure washer of course. I don’t like using chemicals too much, but I know that it is necessary at times, but the pressure washer simply uses pressure which makes it great for eliminating the use of chemicals. If you are attempting to remove paint from a deck you can use a pressure washer.

This YouTube video shows just the effectiveness of completing such a task with a washer. I believe that glass would be the easiest surface to clean paint off especially with a power washer. The DIY Network has information on how to clean windows without damaging them using a pressure washer. You can find that in the link above.

What’s My Conclusion?

Using a pressure washer is very effective and safe to do if you are following the directions properly and taking all safety precautions. If you want to use one to clean your house, car or concrete you can without damage if used properly.

I hope that all the information above has helped you find everything you may need when it comes to the use of completing tasks that involve paint and washing. Enjoy easy cleaning!

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